Make your dream kitchen a reality!

Cuisine de rêve Philippe Beaulieu

Your dream kitchen
specifically designed
for you

Philippe Beaulieu will pay particular attention not only to the design but also to the functional and practical aspects of your dream kitchen, including:

  • The design of custom-made elements

    counters, cabinets, shelves, sinks, hoods, handles, light fixtures…

  • The selection of materials based on your needs

    anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, water resistant, UV resistant…

  • The sound use of home automation

    smart systems to electronically manage lighting, faucets, doors, drawers, appliances…

  • The perfect balance between the different spaces

    preparation, cooking, washing, storage, eating

  • The choice of cabinet hardware

    maximum durability, optimized storage, increased functionality

Whilst implementing bold ideas and innovative designs that make a dream kitchen special.





A clever concept

A subtle design

A kitchen designer attentive to your needs

An experienced and inclusive project manager

Les Beaux Lieux Design saves you time, energy, and money by taking care of each step of your project, from the needs analysis to the delivery on time and on budget, with enthusiasm and in a spirit of collaboration with all the stakeholders.

Let us design the kitchen
of your dreams